My #1 Highly Sensitive Person Trigger

Highly Sensitive People have an increased sensitivity of the central nervous system and a deeper cognitive processing of physical, social and emotional stimuli.
— Sofie Botergerg and Petra Warreyn

Before I reveal my #1 HSP trigger, let’s review some common signs that indicate you are a Highly Sensitive Person.

  • You absolutely abhor violence and cruelty of any kind.
  • You’re frequently emotionally exhausted from absorbing other people’s feelings.
  • Time pressure really rattles you.
  • You withdraw often.
  • You’re jumpy.
  • You think deeply.
  • You’re a seeker.
  • Sudden, loud noises startle you.
  • Your clothing matters.
  • Your pain tolerance is less.
  • Your inner world is alive and present.
  • Change is extremely upsetting.
  • Sometimes your environment is your enemy.
  • You get hangry easily.
  • You need stimulants
  • Conflict is your poison.
  • Criticism is a dagger.
  • You’re conscientious.
  • You are deeply moved by beauty.
  • You are perceptive.

Source: Jenn Granneman at Highly Sensitive Refuge

Triggers for a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) are anything that over-stimulates the central nervous system. This over-stimulation produces higher than normal levels of anxiety. Once we have become over-stimulated, we need to take a break (or escape) from the environment or cause of the over-stimulation. This “break” may be for a few minutes or it may be for hours depending on the level of anxiety (stress) we suffered.

The #1 trigger that produces a very high level of over-stimulation to me is chaos. It need not include noise or conflict. Just seeing chaos makes me become abnormally stressed. A few examples of this chaos are:

  • A crowd
  • Witnessing an argument (conflict)
  • A messy home or workspace
  • An unkept person
  • A messy interior of a car
  • An unplanned day
  • A live concert (crowd + noise)
  • An unexpected or unannounced visitor

To overcome this trigger, I attempt to control my environment and daily activity as much as possible. Even though I am retired, I maintain a To-Do List, a Calendar and maintain a certain routine for many activities. Structure brings me calm.

Once I become over-stimulated resulting in a very high level of anxiety, sleep is what acts as a reset button to me mentally, physically and emotionally.

I would like to know what triggers you have as a Highly Sensitive Person or Highly Sensitive Introvert. Please use the comment section to share your story. All HSPs can and will benefit from you sharing your experiences.

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