Highly Sensitive People and Trust

Trust is built when someone is vulnerable and not taken advantage of.
– Bob Vanourek

Trust is a vital issue with highly sensitive people (HSP). Trusting people comes hard for most HSPs. The difficulty in trusting others may come from having been deeply hurt by someone in the past they trusted, being betrayed by someone in the past they trusted, or it might be an inherent trait for them by simply being an HSP.

In any case, HSPs tend to be quite stingy in rationing out their trust.

It typically takes years and many shared experiences together for an HSP to trust you. They can only trust you when the two of you have been through good times and the bad times. They need to know that you’ll always be there … no matter what. That said, the HSP also needs you to trust them with the same level of scrutiny.

When trust is established, this type of close bond often lasts a lifetime and it is a gift that both of you will always have if protected and nurtured. This relationship also provides a sense of security and safety that is greatly needed by the HSP. This sense of security and safety is not “clingy” in nature. Rather it is foundational of which both of you will build upon for many years to come.

Both parties have a responsibility to view each other’s trust as a cherished box made of glass. It must be handled with care so it isn’t mishandled and dropped. Rarely can the pieces be put back together.

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