A Routine With a Schedule Will Reduce Your Stress

Your future is found in your daily routine.
Successful people do daily what others do occasionally!

— Paula White

Many people hate the idea of having a routine. They think that having a routine is dull, restrictive, a killer of creativity and inspiration and is only needed for people who can’t get their life together.

That is not the reality. Having a routine will go a long way in removing chaos and uncertainty from your personal and work life. A routine provides you with the structure that allows you to be creative and inspired because you will not be wasting time and energy trying to get everything done on-the-fly. Your entire life will become far less stressful — maybe even easy — when you have a routine and are sticking to it.

Having routines for when you wake up and before you go to sleep set you up for a more productive life in the middle of these two periods of routine … whether it’s your personal life or your work life.

Benefits of Having a Routine (with a schedule)

  • You will get more things done. Won’t it be great not having things left on your to-do list at the end of each day? Having a routine and a schedule for what needs to get done will allow this to happen.
  • You will have a less stressful life. Your life will have some order which reduces stress, anxiety and the feeling that you are simply reacting to what is going on around you. Isn’t it better for you to be in control?
  • You will have more time to relax and have some fun. By having a routine with a schedule, you will have periods of time to set aside for yourself to do whatever you want without feeling guilty that other things are not getting done.
  • It will provide the structure to assist you in replacing bad habits with good habits. Routines are perfect for breaking bad habits. All you need to do is schedule good activities for the times that you were previously dedicating to bad habits. Before you know it, the good activity will become a habit that automatically becomes part of your routine.
  • Procrastination is no longer a part of your life. Because you have a routine with a schedule, unpleasant activities are scheduled instead of doing them if or when you get around to it. You are in control. You are the master of your time and life.
  • You will sleep better. When you get done what needs to be done, you will sleep better because you won’t be mentally struggling with all the things that are not getting done. Can you imagine getting a night of peaceful sleep?

Having a routine with a schedule allows you to take charge of your life, time and energy. Be the master of your universe!

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